New Playground Development at the Copper Ridge Subdivision

With the start of a new year also comes the start of a new community project in the Copper Ridge Subdivision in northwest Billings. Though residents have already been working to raise money for the development and construction of a park and playground for some time, the May deadline is approaching, and the park’s groundbreaking is tentatively scheduled for this summer.

Currently containing about 400 homes, the Copper Ridge Subdivision is scheduled to be further developed into additional phases, which will include an estimated 350 homes. With so many families moving to the area, it comes as no surprise that current residents have already begun to raise money for the construction of a playground on the subdivision’s existing park area. While initially developing Copper Ridge, the developer installed the landscaping, trees, sprinkler system and walking trails in anticipation of the playground equipment.

With a total of around $20,000 having been donated by current residents and an additional $20,000 having been donated by Copper Ridge West, Inc., efforts over the next few months will be made to reach the subdivision’s goal of at least $115,000. This is the less expensive of two playground options, with the more expensive option having a price tag of about $190,000. The total amount of money raised by May will determine which playground is built, though some of the equipment was delivered just after the first of the year.

Why has so much time, effort and money been spent on the Copper Ridge Subdivision park and playground? Parks provide a sense of public pride in communities, as well as higher property values and additional aesthetic benefits to the neighborhood. A central meeting point, parks and playgrounds encourage social activities, outdoor recreation, and a higher quality of life. They offer a safe, hands-on learning environment for children, in which they are able to connect with others their age and develop their social skills, while parents are able to both watch over their children and get to know their neighbors at the same time.

Your home should be where you feel most at ease, and at the Copper Ridge Subdivision, we believe this is where you and your family will feel most at ease. Continuing to create a subdivision that ensures long-term value and enjoyment for all residents is our priority, and we’d love for you to be a part of the growing community.

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